Robin Grantham Founder &MD

Founder & Managing Director

Your-Mirror Ltd

The Company was formed on 4th of September 2017.

LED Mirrors, Guy’s & Girl’s Grooming plus Other related Products are what we sell online.

We Commit Ourselves to Treating our Customers as we would like Others to Treat Us.



He trained in First Year Architecture & National Diploma of Design in Sculpture.

In 1980 he bought a Sinclair ZX80 computer and later taught himself to program in SuperBASIC. In 1996 he took a Distance Learning Course in ‘C’ Programming which he passed with flying colours.

His self-taught Excel Skills earned him a place in the Data Management Team at LeasePlan (UK) Ltd. They are the World’s Third Largest Suppliers of Leased Cars to Company car Drivers There he trained in the Mary Gober philosophy of exemplary Customer Service.


He worked as an Assistant Film Make-Up Artist for 10 years before becoming a Chief Film Make-up Artist. He worked on some box-office hits such as

  • American Werewolf in London
  • the first Star Wars and
  • several Bonds including Never Say Never Again.

Later he became a Television Make-Up Supervisor. Amongst his Television Credits are almost all the episodes of Inspector Morse.

You see details of many of the productions he worked on at the IMDb.

So, he spent 25 years learning about high-ego people and about Makeup.

Then 15 years in Customer Service and Computer Programming.

He worked on all aspects of the fledgling Microsoft Network MSN. These included Billing and Technical Support.

Whilst he was at an early Mobile Phone Supplier, he created a macro on his own initiative. It saved the Company an estimated £40,000 a year. This was in claims against their Warehouse that required many prompt details. Claims included non-despatched or wrongly addressed phones.

He also researched and advised on a change of Courier. This resulted in a drop of non-Next Day Deliveries from 15% down to 1.5%

At LeasePlan he practiced his philosophy of excellent Customer Service plus further developing his programming skills.

His first task was to streamlined the operation of the Compaq Car Scheme. He did with Excel macros that he created.

He also made a suite of Excel Macros that helped Senior Managers to supervise their staff. He achieved this by using Traffic-Light Indicators to show Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

For example, the Average Phone Response Time for the whole team over the previous week. Under 5 Seconds earned a Green, 5 to 10 Seconds got an Amber and over 10 seconds a Red.

Thus, they could pinpoint Staff Shortages and challenges in Frontline Manager’s Performances.


He now spends his time DJing on the Internet and taking photographs. Plus of course, writing informative Blog Posts for Your-Mirror.

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Technical Consultants

Quality Web Biz Agency

Amit Daniel



Quality WebBiz Agency

Amit Daniel has started the Quality Web Biz an IT company in 2014 in Chandigarh. He has more than 15 years of experience in IT sector. In earlier days of his career, he has worked as Marketing Executive in many IT companies in India. He has also worked as Marketing head in Macrew Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

He has completed his Master degree in Business in 2003 from Punjab University.

His first experience with computer started in 2002. He has completed his Post graduate diploma in computer application along with his MBA.

After completing his education, he has started his job in Govt. organization as a Marketing executive in 2004. After that he worked in many organizations including IT sector.

In 2014, he founded his own IT company Quality Web Biz, which provides services like website development, website designing, mobile app development and many more.

Monika Gill


Senior Web Developer

Quality WebBiz Agency

Monika is a software engineer having more than 8 years of experience in IT sector. She is working as Senior Software Consultant in Quality Web Biz, an IT company located at Chandigarh, India.

She has completed her Master degree in Computer Science in 2010 from Chandigarh University. Then she has started work in IT company as Jr. PHP developer.

Her first experience with computer started in 2006, when she decided to do Master in Computer Science.  During her degree she learned many computer languages like C, C++, Java and PHP.

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