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We are an online Sellers of LED Lit Mirrors, Guy’s Grooming Products, Make-Up and associated goods.

We are firmly committed to treating our Customers as we wish to be treated ourselves.

The Company was Registered on 4th September 2017

Company name is: YOUR-MIRROR LIMITED

Robin Grantham is the Founder and Managing Director of Your-Mirror Ltd.and Mayur Fuletra is the Technical Director.

Robin & Mayur Oct-17

                                ROBIN GRANTHAM

                        MAYUR FULETRA


trained in First Year Architecture & National Diploma of Design in Sculpture. He worked as an Assistant Film Make-Up Artist for 10 years before becoming a Chief Film Make-up Artist. He later became a Television Make-Up Supervisor too.

He worked on such films as American Werewolf in London, the first Star Wars and several Bonds including Never Say Never Again. Amongst his Television Credits are almost all the episodes of Inspector Morse,

A list of many of the productions he worked on can be found at the IMDb.

In 1980 he bought a Sinclair ZX80 computer and subsequently taught himself to program in SuperBASIC. In 1996 he took a Distance Learning Course in ‘C’ Programming and ended up in the Data Management Team at LeasePlan (UK) Ltd.

They are the World’s Largest Supplier of Leased Cars to Company Car Drivers, There, amongst other things he was trained and an experienced practitioner of the Mary Gober Customer Service Philosophy.

He initially reorganised and streamlined the operation of the Compaq Car Scheme. This he did with the aid of Excel macros that he created.

He later produced Traffic-Lights Indicators of Key Performance Indicators for Senior Managers, to help them supervise the Managers of their Frontline Teams.

He now passes his time DJing on the Internet, taking photographs and of course with Your-Mirror.