Danger Areas for Mains Mirrors

You can place your Mains LED Mirror anywhere except in the Danger Zones.

There are no restrictions on your Battery LED Mirror. But don’t dunk it in the bath! Why would you want to?

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can be the deadliest room in the house. Danger from slipping and falling with several large, solid lumps around. Also water and electricity unlike The Mamas and the Papas, and Gin & Tonic, are not good mixers.

Your skin will conduct electricity. If it is wet, it will conduct it even better. So there are strict regulations about where you can place a Mains LED Mirror in your Bathroom.


Your Mains LED Mirrors can go close to the Washbasin Tap and alongside the Bath because they are IP44 Rated.

IP is an International Certification System. IP stands for Ingress Protection. Ingres means things getting in. The first number is a rating for solid objects. the Second one is a rating for water.

IP68, for example means you can drop the object into a metre and a half of water for half an hour. You can also leave it in contact with dust or dirt for 8 hours, without any getting in.

For domestic bathrooms you need a rating of IP44. The First 4 will keep out most screws and wires — anything over 1mm across. The second 4 will give protection against all sprays or water splashes in any direction.

All your mirrors, both Mains and Battery are IP44 Rated.


Clearance for Infra-Red On-Off Switches

Mirrors with Infra-Red On-Off Switches will need at least 15 cm / 6″ clearance to operate. This is from any wall or other obstruction.


DIY or Qualified Electrician?


Battery LED Mirrors

If you are a Competent DIYer you can install your Battery LED Mirror yourself.
You will need to know how to use an Electric Drill. How to choose and attach the appropriate wall fixing for Plasterboard, Plaster, Brick, Wood etc.

Mains LED Mirrors

If it’s a Mains LED Mirror you will need a Part P Qualified Electrician. How can you tell if your Electricians is Part P Qualified?

Ask Them! If they say they are, then ask to see their Part P ID.