Light Up Your Life with LED Mirrors

We are seeing a cultural shift with almost 70% of homes using high-efficiency lighting. The shift is happening worldwide.

Increasingly, more people are moving away from incandescent bulbs. LEDs are more efficient and longer-lasting. Manufacturers and designers are improving great products. They are switching from bulbs to LEDs and specifically LEDs in mirrors.

If you’re tired of high electricity bills or simply trying to make your home a little bit greener, switching to LEDs is now an accessible solution. Brighter spaces and lower energy consumption are now the results of more lighting options being available.

If you’re looking for a solution to improve your current lighting, think about how LED mirrors in your house could benefit you. If you’re wondering how they could add to your home, here are 6 ways people are lighting up their lives with them.

1. When Applying Makeup
The ideal situation for applying makeup is in front of a bright, evenly lit mirror. Any light that casts shadows can prevent you from achieving the contours you’re looking for. LED mirrors can give you a uniform, all round illumination.

Incandescent bulbs can typically project a colour onto your face. If you’re looking to reach a certain tone, this could throw a spanner into the works. You may not notice that you’ve gone a shade or two in the wrong direction until you’re already out of the door for the day.

LED mirrors provide a smooth and neutral light that will allow you to apply makeup as you intend it to look.

You’ll be able to get the tone you’re looking for in the clear light of one of these mirrors. You can even try a bold new eyeshadow, lipstick or rouge, knowing exactly how much it will stand out

LED mirrors have lights embedded into the surface so there is nothing protruding to get in the way. You’ll be able to see every detail with a clear-eyed perfection.

2. For the Whole Family
For shavers too, a LED mirror can be a real boon. To ensure that your shave is even and thorough every time, one of these will be the perfect assistant for you.

While using your LED mirror, you’ll get unparalleled clarity that will help ensure there are no mishaps. There’s less of a risk of slipping and making those annoying little shaving cuts that were all-too-common in the past.

Your young kids, learning hygiene and how to brush their teeth, will feel like a Hollywood star in a brightly-lit LED mirror. Beware, though, if you have teenagers — it might prove harder than ever to get them to step away from the mirror so you can get into the shower in the morning.

Many of today’s new mirrors come with high-tech kit. You can get on-off switches you merely touch, or even just wave your hand at. Also available are automatic, in-built demisters to keep your view fog-free, even in the steamiest bathrooms. You’ll love the neat shaver and toothbrush sockets and your bathroom can turn into a magical music experience for both you and your children with hidden Bluetooth connectivity.

3. They Add to Your Decor
If you’re into modern design and decor, you’ll find that an LED mirror will fit seamlessly into your home. Installed in the hall, you’ll be able to make one last check as you head out the door in a perfectly-lit mirror.

In your living room, friends and relatives might even mistake it for a piece of artwork. Especially if it is one of the fabulous infinity-effect ones.

In your bedroom, it can provide all the light you need when getting ready in the morning.

Both light and mirrors make spaces appear bigger than they are. Why not expand your space with a well-lit mirror? LED ones can brighten up any kind of home with their classic and modern designs.

4. Add Value to Your Bathroom
One of the most expensive and complicated rooms to add value to is your bathroom. Re-tiling, installing a new bath or washbasin are all big, messy and time-consuming jobs. While they may add value and pizzazz to your home, these projects are costly, time-consuming and tiring.

Adding an LED mirror can spruce up your bathroom no end at a very low price. You’ll be able to improve the most bare-bones design with the stylish addition of this type of mirror. You’ll have guests returning from the bathroom asking “Where did you get that mirror from?”

5. Go Green
LEDs are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They will reduce your electricity bill and lower the amount of energy your local power station needs to generate. So, you’ll be helping to lower your local carbon footprint as you use them.

Besides the environmental factors, you will actually save money on your electricity. Bills can vary a lot from house to house. The one common denominator is that every home that uses LEDs spends less on electricity. Want to trim some of the fat from your family budget? You’ll find that investing in LEDs is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

By replacing your old, out-dated mirror with a trendy LED one you could save yourself tens of pounds a year with this one buy alone.

6. They Last a Long Time
LED mirrors are far more durable than incandescent-based ones. Replace your ancient, obsolete mirror with its volatile, cumbersome and old-fashioned bulbs with a sleek and chic new LED one. The glass, mirror production and the sealing of the edges in modern LED mirrors are usually much higher quality than in traditional mirrors. This will help prevent ugly de-silvering of the reflective layer, in the damp atmosphere of your bathroom.

LED Mirrors Have Long-term Benefits
The savings, durability, and brightness of an LED mirror will provide you with these benefits for years to come. Installing an LED mirror could be a great investment that could raise the value of your property over time.

If you’re considering an LED mirror for your home, contact us for more details today.