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The ATAR is a neat 40cm across and a generous 70 cm high, so is ideal if your space is a bit cramped laterally, making it a perfect fit for a cloakroom or a narrow bathroom.

Its Scandinavian-look design will add chic style to wherever it is fitted and will open out a small space to feel much vaster.

The extremely energy saving LED light is generated in two slim tubes that fit inconspicuously down either side, giving it a smooth, clean, chic and sophisticated look. The LED lighting is extremely efficient, saving you 90% on energy consumption compared to normal bulbs, they also produce virtually no heat and last for ages – 5, 10 even 20 years.

It has the up-to-date infra-red sensor on-off switch that you don’t need to touch to turn your mirror on – you just need to wave your hand under it — the switch will need 15cm (6”) clearance underneath it to operate properly.


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