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I discovered Nuage Men Shaving Oil in May 2017 and the first one lasted me about three months. It is a mixture of essential oils, mainly Menthol (Mint), Lavender, Eucalyptus and Sunflower.

“Essential” is a contraction of “quintessential”, in this case meaning life spirit. They use physical means, such as steam, water or pressing to extract essential oils, from plants, such as those mentioned above.

The menthol will cool your skin, whilst the other lubricants will leave your skin feeling smooth and freshened.

The shaving oil comes packaged in a cute 11cm by 2.2cm (4” by ¾”) aluminium cylinder, with the batch number and expiry date marked on the bottom. It has a long shelf life of three years.

At the top end is a clear plastic top that when you close it, clicks reassuringly firmly into place. Under it is a manual (environmentally-friendly) dispenser nozzle.

The instructions for use. ingredients and manufacturer’s contact details are all printed on the back of the canister.


Wet your beard area with warm water, either with a shaving brush, or as I do, with the end of a rolled-up face flannel. Remove the cap and put just a couple of squirts into the palm of your hand.

Use a finger or two, to apply the shaving oil sparingly to the area that you are going to shave and then massage it evenly into your skin. If you normally wet shave and use a shaving foam or gel, apply them after the shaving oil.

I personally use a Remington rotary electric shaver. Before I started using Nuage Men Shaving Oil it used to take me fifteen or more minutes to shave. Now it comes in regularly at under seven minutes.

I also find I only apply my aftershave for the fragrance, rather than for itch-control.