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The Nyx High-Voltage lipstick bullet is very soft as you glide it over your lips, with no pulling or tugging at all. Because of the superb creaminess, these lipsticks work best if you scrub your lips first.

There is no need to use a lip balm before application, unless you have particularly dry lips, as these lipsticks are neither drying nor moisturising.

One pass over your lips will give you the desired colour, another application or two will further deepen the colour. However, avoid multi-layering as this might leave your lips feeling heavy and sticky.

The lipstick will stay in place around five or six hours, after which they start to fade, although you still have a coloured stain, which is pretty good.

So, you can get through a whole day, with just one re-application, or a couple, or possibly three at most, if you are making a long night of it.

The finish is a perfect balance, being neither too glossy nor too matte.


The lipstick comes in a sleek plastic tube wrapped in thin plastic. The lower part of the body is black and the upper part is the lipstick colour and the cap is transparent so that you can see the actual colour of the bullet.

The bullet protrudes slightly above the rim, so take care when replacing the cap, not to inadvertently damage it.

Although the cap goes on with a reassuring click, it can come off if left to rattle around in a large handbag. It is best to keep it in a smaller, make-up type bag or holder, where it will be more contained.

Nyx’s HVSL (High-Voltage Lipstick) Shade number is on the bottom of the body, plus the name and number are on the lower side of the case.

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