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Bathrooms can be the deadliest room in the house, because water and electricity, unlike Gin & Tonic, Mamas & Papas , etc. are NOT good mixers.

If it is wet, your skin makes it an even better conductor of electricity, so there are strict regulations about where (and how) lit mirrors can be placed in the bathroom.

IP44 Bathroom Zones

Fortunately, ALL SMS Mirrors can be placed in ANY of the GREEN areas, but not in any of the RED ones (why would you want to?)

How can an SMS LED Lit Mirror be fixed close to your washbasin tap? Because they are ALL rated IP44. This means that they are certified to keep out solid particles any bigger than 1mm and are also Splashproof i.e. you can’t dunk your mirror in the bath (why would you want to?), but it is TOTALLY SAFE from the ingress of any water splashes.

What exactly does IP44 mean? The IP stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection –- ingress means things getting in. The first number indicates a rating for solid objects and the second number is a rating for water.

Rating 4 for solid objects means that nothing bigger than 1 mm can get into your mirror, so no fingers or screwdrivers, most screws, wires, etc.

The Second 4 means your mirror is protected from splashes of water from any nearby source.

To find out more about all IP ratings go to Wikipedia